Liftgate Repairs

When you need liftgate repairs in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas, call Midwest Truck and Trailer Repair.

Liftgates don’t break too often, but damage from normal wear and tear can cause problems. Having a liftgate that won’t carry a load or one that is stuck in position is a time delay waiting to happen. Liftgate repairs are easy to diagnose, and the repairs are typically straight forward. There are only a few basic components that make up your lift, so we can fix you up and get you moving quickly.

Some of the most common liftgate problems you’ll experience are listed below.

Platform not raising properly
Lift doesn’t raise when loaded
Platform drifts down when raised off the ground
Platform raises when loaded, but drifts back down slowly
Lift will not lower
Lift lowers very slowly
Hydraulic fluid leaking

Any of these lift gate repairs can be done quickly and efficiently by our technicians. If you’re having problems and you’re in the Indianapolis area, call Midwest Truck and Trailer Repair and we’ll get you back up in no time.

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