Radiator and Cooling System Repairs

Trucks often have overheating issues because of the tremendous load they are under on a regular basis. There are many different reasons why your truck might overheat, and one of the most common is radiator leaks and clogs.

Call Midwest Truck and Trailer Repair if your truck is overheating in the Indianapolis metro area. Our experienced mechanics will diagnose the issue and get to the source of the overheating. We handle semi truckĀ radiator repairs, blown gaskets or fuel leaks, all of which can cause your truck to overheat.

An obvious cause of an overheating engine is a radiator leak. If your truck leaves a puddle behind everywhere you park, make sure it isn’t antifreeze. If your air conditioning vents have that unmistakable sweet smell, that’s another sign something is wrong with the cooling system. If you look under the hood when your truck is overheating, you might even be able to spot where the leak is coming from.

If you notice that your coolant level is constantly low, that’s a sign that you’re losing fluid somewhere. Call the pros at Midwest Truck and Trailer Repair for all your cooling system repairs and maintenance in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. Our techs will come to you and immediately diagnose your issue so you can avoid costly delays.


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