Air Brake Repairs

Brake failures are a common cause of truck accidents and may lead to very costly lawsuits, injuries and even death. These terrible instances can all be avoided by properly maintaining your truck’s brake system and having air brake¬†repairs done at the first sign of trouble.

The importance of the air brake system on a semi truck can’t be overlooked. Since your truck can carry such tremendous weight while fully loaded, it’s important to have an air brake system that is fully functional. When your truck’s air brakes start to fail, driving safely becomes a difficult task.

Midwest Truck and Trailer Repair will immediately dispatch a service technician to your location in the Indianapolis metro area so you can continue your route in the safest possible manner.  Our mobile truck mechanics have the skills and experience to fix your brakes quickly and efficiently.

The way the air brake system functions present more opportunities for problems than traditional vehicle brake systems. The use of multiple couplings, airlines, and cables mean that more time must be spent on inspections, maintenance and repairs to make sure the entire system is sound.

Parking brakes and emergency brakes are also affected when the air brake system malfunctions. Since the emergency brake system is *required by law to be in good working order, it becomes even more critical to maintain your air brakes.

*CFR 49 393.43– Every motor vehicle, if used to tow a trailer equipped with brakes, shall be equipped with a means for providing that in the case of a breakaway of the trailer, the service brakes on the towing vehicle will be capable of stopping the towing vehicle.

Let the professionals at Midwest Truck and Trailer Repair diagnose your air brakes. We’ll make sure the entire system is up to par, not just the parts that need repair. We can even do the maintenance on your air brakes when doing other repairs or routine maintenance.

So do yourself, your passenger and other drivers safe by fixing any braking problems immediately when they show up.

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